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FreeJack Review – Online Gaming

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Hello everyone today i have decided to do a review on the game FreeJack by Gamerkraft so sit back and enjoy reading my awesome review.

FreeJack is a Parkour game and if you don’t know what parkour is well let’s think of it as physical discipline and activity which focuses on efficient movement around obstacles and that is what FreeJack is. You do parkour but at the same time you are racing against 1-8 other opponents. Now that you have a small idea what the game is about let’s go into more detail while playing this game shall we?

Once you first start the game you are asked to select a character and there are four characters to pick from two guy characters and two girl characters and each character has their own strengths and weakness so carefully select your character. You are also asked to pick your username of coarse remember this cannot be changed. After selecting your character and username you have the option to customize your character though i found customizing the character is quite basic Hair, Cloths and also your turf. Though more customization and better hair and cloths can be purchased via their cash shop.

After we have our characters made we then do the quick but effective training, teaching you how to run walls, jump and use speed boost as well as several important tips and tricks. I highly recommend this if you’re new to the game because it’s super easy. One important aspect of the game some gamers must need to know before trying is that the game does have anime graphics in a way. Another feature of the game i found awesome rate of the bat is the music; it’s epic and gives you that racing mood.

The game is fast paced and there is probably never a moment while in a race that you can risk looking away or you could fall way behind but the good thing is each race usually last around three to five minutes long so you can take a quick break in between before starting your next race. The maps are amazing from running on top of a skyscraper to running in the subway the game gives a real parkour feeling with obstacles that you would find in these places in real life. Racing is just the start of the game if you’re behind a little you can get boosters that can knock down people ahead of you or blinding their view to even speeding yourself up, making the game really involved. No three button racing game here my friends.

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