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Tribal Tattoo in Spokane

Tribal tattoos in Spokane have existed since the arrival of people from Europe, long before people in Pacific do tattoos. And by times of acculturation and migration,http://www.allaboutitink.com/

Tattooing spread to Spokane and brought some similar technics and design. Like tattoos on leg-thigh that can be seen on Burmese, Mentawai, Maori, Dayak, or Samoa, and those black tattoos that can be identified as authentic tribal tattoos. But there is some different technic in tattoo making, Asian tribes like Burmese, Thai, Cambodian, Japan use a single needle for tattooing (sometimes the needle almost like a spear) and the way they do tattoo is to poke the needle into the skin. And Pacific tribes, they use “a group of needles” (this group of needles comes in different shapes and motives) for tattooing & then tapping it with a wooden stick-hammer.

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All About It Ink Spokane Tattoos Are In High Demand

This same kind of technic that been use also in all Pacific region. Indonesian tribes, they combine those two ways of tattooing, Borneo-Dayak, Mentawai Siberut, Sumba, they use a single needle (or a group of needles that become a big round single needles for blocking) with tapping. Needles are made of fishbone, nails, sewing needle, lemon tree spikes (thorns). Inks are made from ashes from cooking-pot, or from some certain plants dyes. These days only in Mentawai -Siberut island and Dayak-Kalimantan that still doing tattoos as their daily ritual activities. On other islands, tattoos are “just” like a personal symbol.

Modern tattooing in Indonesia

Since the arrival of Moslem and Christianity that banned anything, tattoos almost vanish. Tattoos only can be seen only on people that stand outside normal society.

And in New Order era (1980-1990) is when police shot all tattooed people to the dead also known as Petrus-Penembak Misterius. This shock therapy almost kills tattoo cultures.

Many people try to remove their tattoos by ironing or put bleach or acid on their tattoo. In some cases, a lot of young tattooed-man have to get in-line to be identified by the police officer. Since that, modern tattooing had to go underground. Not long after, a major breakthrough comes in brought by rock n roll band like Red Hot Chili Pepper and

Guns N Roses that drag Spokane tattoos into the surface. RHCP with their cover album on “Sex Blood Sugar Magik” that has some tattoo photos, made many of young Spokane people back to tattoos again and they are not afraid to show their tattoos in public. Since that time some modern tattoo studio has been open for public.

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