How to file a divorce in oklahoma

The procedure allows for you to contest the Writ through filing several different papers. Even if you don’t contest the Writ you may wish to file counter claims for additional matters, including asset division and custody. There is a limited time to react on these matters so being timely is important.

How to proceed to a quick divorce?



How to file a divorce in oklahoma

There may or may not be a court appearance. For uncontested matters one may find their case settled “out of court” but decided by a judge or there will be a limited court appearance in which items are verified before the judgment is rendered. Contested divorce can be lengthy and unpleasant. A judge will hear all claims and render a verdict after hearing all sides. If satisfied the judge will grant an Interim Judgment (Divorce).

This leads to the second step in which all other matters are reviewed. After three months the judge will pass an Certificate of Making Interim Judgment Final, after which both parties would be free to marry.

Additionally to other divorce procedure, one can apply for judicial separation or sign a deed of separation. In this case, one can claim to live apart and get legal rules on asset and child matters while remaining married. In certain cases one can annul a marriage. Being unable or unwilling to consummate the marriage, being married already, or having a sexually transmitted disease are the common reasons for seeking this, but are not exhaustive.

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