Looking for Pergolas Melbourne?

Maybe some of you still remember how pergola styles your backyard from time to time like the latest trend of Pergolas Melbourne. No matter the materials you use, the style can say what type of pergola you use. The previous styles are the cedar pergola, Florida pergola, or Timber pergola. But the current modern pergola stands on its different movement.

Modern pergola plays a lot of stripes style in its design. It plays both the natural or artificial lights from the design. For those who want to spend in the best outdoor modern pergola, you should create the most balance one. It can be reached if you buy the best and solid materials. It does cost you more, but it will last longer than the cheap ones.


Some design of modern pergola:

  • A square pergola
  • A half circle pergola
  • A rectangular pergola

Talking about the shape of the pergola, you can choose the design as you desire. However, the important thing is the pergola you want to build must have a concept.


The concept will help you to cut the unpredictable of pergola design. It also gives you better results. It is also related to the cozies you will get.

The concepts that most people like are:

  • Garden pergola

For garden concept, the pergola is placed around trees and plants. It also uses unique steel chairs under the pergola. Some people will hang some of the plants on the open-roof structure.

  • Simple wooden pergola

It is the most used pergola by people. It is because it is the simplest pergola to build. It only needs wood materials for the corner posts and the open-roof structure. If you want to bold the concept with wooden style, you can use the light color of wooden dining table and wooden floors.

As simply it is said that modern pergola is more on the creative and without strict rules to make the pergola finished beautifully. It is basically built based on the homeowners’ creations.

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