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Here you will find pure mediums, psychics and psychics who can help you discreetly with all your questions.                                  

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Our spiritual consultants are present 24/7. Are happy to be ready. 
One is a medium , or psychic, or a clairvoyant, clear-thinking or clairsentient.   
Do you have questions about your love life, work, children or perhaps your own spiritual growth? The spiritual specialists at Mediums Live can offer you the help you need. Each of our consultants has a certain gift. Our spiritual specialists are very well screened for reliability and must have one or more gifts. Some of our spiritual specialists, such as mediums or psychics, lay different cards or use the shuttle. Of course, there are also other possibilities to answer your questions as purely as possible. Which spiritual consultant does what you can read in the profile of the medium, psychic or clairvoyant. And they will help you to lead your life in your own strength and full of courage. Do you want a photo reading? Healing by telephone or just a listening ear? No question is too crazy, you can always contact us.

Courses, readings & Spiritual articles

Would you like to attend a reading or perhaps a course? 
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The mediums have the ability to keep a Blog. On this page, you will find an overview of the last posted blog posts. It is of course also possible to view only the blog posts of your favorite medium.

In my life, a lot of things play out and I take it with me for the rest of my life. I work with feeling and intuition, but also with experiences from my experiences in my life. That makes me stronger and I can increasingly empathize with people. Hopefully, I can help another person! 

I am sincere in my actions. Ok, a lie for good is even with me. I’m only human! I do what I do and sometimes I do not understand why I do something. At that moment itself actually. Later it falls into place. 

I never really regret things that I undertake. Whether it was participating in a TV program or taking on a certain job. I learned everything.

Today it is my birthday! Am now 46 years old. Maybe wiser? Well, older! And just today I got a nice compliment from someone and that was that despite everything I’ve experienced, I still stand up and have also remained positive. I know he’s right and yet I find it hard to accept that compliment. I think you are who you are. 

I try to help someone different from the talent that I have received and from myself. In this way, I hope that someone else will move on and that somebody has offered a listening ear. And that the other person has also been heard! 
I wish everyone a nice day!


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