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I am frequently able to channel for loved ones that have passed (when they come in). I will not tell you anything that doesn’t come to me. In short, I do not make stories up to entertain you. I only convey to you what comes to be – nothing more and nothing less. If it doesn’t come to me, I will tell you that Physical As Anything Psychic Readings are genuine. Sometimes words come in where the spirits speak harshly, and that may be sensitive to you. I do try to convey this as delicately as possible. They mean only good, and it gives you guidance. I guess the word I should use is stern advice.

When I answer the phone, I will reveal my name to you, greeting you. Then I will ask for your first name only. No last names or birth year is needed. The reason I ask this question is that I need to bring focus to you. I will wait for a second or two to ask the spirits to guide me and connect me with your chart. There are things that do not make sense to me, but the spirits are connecting with you.

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It is my voice that delivers the message but it is the spirits and the divine that deliver this insight. I am just a phone receiver to connect you to these messages. At any time a passed loved one comes in with a message, I will ask you if you know someone and I will name their names. This is the way they come to me. They say their name, e.g., I am George. This is all they say at first. Then I will ask you if you know anyone by the name of George.
Most of the spirits that come through are from those who have recently passed on, but sometimes they come from long ago – or they just see the light, open the door and pop in. LOL, It is like they see a lit telephone booth and they want to get a call in.

After I reveal who is coming in or what I see, then you are to ask your questions. Please only ask one question at a time. For example, ask about relationships, then give me time to answer. Ask about problems you’re having or just a simple question. After I relay how the spirits respond, then ask something else.

A Great Psychic Wants To Help

I am here for your betterment and understanding – or even closure with a loved one who has passed on that you have questions for – or didn’t get to tell them goodbye. I feel so blessed when I can help others. I do ask for validation with every reading. Some validations seem strange to me, but will mean something to you, validating that the messages received are legitimate. For example, one validation given to me was – “I am glad you called someone in for that plumbing problem” The lady freaked! LOL, She did indeed call someone to have some plumbing problem taken care of. She was clear of the doubt at that point.

For years, I found it amazing these things came to me. Sometimes they project into the future. Usually, within a
year, these messages come through to you. Some come sooner than others. If it doesn’t happen in a week, do not become frustrated. Be patient. I don’t know (exactly) when they will come. And guess what? At times, I can be wrong. I miss the mark. I am only human and humans make errors. Please do not give up for I am right more often than wrong or I would not be doing this – trust me.

I am an honest and loving person. I want to fill everyone’s lives with love, peace, and joy. I would cure the world if I could. I am doing what I can with what I have been blessed with. Thank you for coming to me. I always end the session by asking God for blessings upon you and the reading. Then close with warm thoughts and appreciation for the call. Please call me anytime! It doesn’t matter how often you call! I will be there for you. Take care and blessings to you.

I hope this will save you some time on your call. Please browse the site and read about who I am. I have had insight for many years. Now, I share it with you. Peace be with you.

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